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  1. rub off

    • ph.
      be transferred by contact or association
  2. 知識+

    • 摩擦表面掉漆的英文

      To describe "掉漆" in English, you can use: chip off, rub off, come off, peel off, flake off, wipe off, scrap off, scratch off... which one to use...

    • Some English Multiple Choice

      ..." means friends with happy marriage will _____ you. (A) rub off on (B) turn off (C) rub off (D) rub along 「從別人借東西」意味...

    • 英文短文翻譯中文~!!(急)

      After the ceremony,if someone's name has rubbed off and cannot be read,it is said that this person will be the next...