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  1. rub up

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      擦亮, 擦拭;【口】溫習, 提高
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    • 1. 擦亮, 擦拭 The silver was rubbed up with a leather till it shone. 這件銀器用一塊皮革擦得很亮。
    • 2. 【口】溫習, 提高 Your shorthand is a bit rusty; you'd better rub it up. 你的速記有點荒疏了; 你最好複習一下。 I'll have to rub up my French before I go to Paris. 在去巴黎之前我得把法語複習提高一下。
    • 3. 【口】喚起(記憶) I must rub up my memory and recall where I laid it. 我得好好想想我把它放到哪去了。
    • 4. 把(顏料等)調成糊狀
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    • come up

      ... close to you. • Her cat came up and rubbed itself against their legs... 她...案件)開庭審理 In law, when a case comes up, it is heard in a court of law...

    • 拜託各位老師幫我翻譯一下,英文翻成中文,謝謝。

      ...液,攪拌均勻。 3. Add the pink water to the rice cake mixture and mix it all up. Press out any wet lumps by rubbing the lumps gently between your palms. 將(2)粉紅色液體加入米粉...

    • 英文片語(急需翻譯)

      ...狹路相逢18. I mean it 我不是在開玩笑19. for example 舉例20. hold up a hand 把握21. hold on a moment 等等22. hold something back 保留23. hold one's hand 牽手24. rub one's hands 惹怒某人25. shake hands with somebody 握手26. give...