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    • 高低不平的,崎嶇的,粗糙的
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    • Became +adj+Ving ? Otherwise

      ... 後面可以直接加 Ving? 是省略了什麼呢? How could the handsome, rugged actor who became famous playing Superman be paralyzed...

    • 哪位好心人能幫我翻譯這段英文

      ... remembered in history,but in the United States the rugged individual is the focus of attention. 在世界許多地方,團體是有所作爲的...

    • 形容詞子句及先行詞問答

      .... There』are areas in the north(that are pretty rugged). ==> that引導的是形容詞子句, 但先行詞應看成是areas in the north...