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  1. ruin

    • IPA[ˈruːɪn]


    • n.
      the physical destruction or disintegration of something or the state of disintegrating or being destroyed;the remains of a building, typically an old one that has suffered much damage or disintegration
    • v.
      reduce (a building or place) to a state of decay, collapse, or disintegration;cause great and usually irreparable damage or harm to; have a disastrous effect on
    • verb: ruin, 3rd person present: ruins, gerund or present participle: ruining, past tense: ruined, past participle: ruined

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    • ruin和destroy有何不同呢?

      Ruin 1.Total destruction or disintegration 2.The act of destroying totally... tear down or break up 2.To kill 3.To subdue or defeat completely ruin破壞徹底 destroy只是毀壞 傷害的意思

    • plunged its ruins into .....??

      plunged: v. + into : ( 使陷入) ruins: n. (pl) : 廢墟 eternal: adj. = lasting., So " plunged ...

    • ruin..destroy..demag三者程度分別?

      ruin毀滅,因為自然的力量,經歷年月,而造成的。destroy毀滅,因為人為的力量,戰爭、火災..等造成的。damage損壞,沒有到毀滅的程度。基本上這個字應該跟injure( 對人)比較。damage則是對物。