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  1. rumble

    • KK[ˋrʌmb!]
    • DJ[ˋrʌmbl]
    • vt.
    • 過去式:rumbled 過去分詞:rumbled 現在分詞:rumbling

    • 釋義


    • 1. 【俚】察覺;看穿,識破 I've been rumbled; someone must have told mom. 我被揭穿了,一定有人告訴媽。 He is insincere; I soon rumbled him. 他不真誠;我不久便看穿了他。
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    • 請中文翻英文...急急急

      1. Bees are humming noisily. 2. The rumble of the thunder frightened the children. 3. This clock is...

    • 8題英文解釋

      ...hide-and-seek 捉迷藏 5.cupboard 茶櫃 6.closer 靠近一點 更加接近 7.rumble 發出隆隆聲響 以低沉而響亮的聲音說話 8.ties up 綁起來

    • perspectively and respectively

      ...與 Fiona了。 (John 得第一獎,而 Fiona 得第二獎。) Rumble, Katie, and Mimi are black, tortie, and grey tabby ...