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  1. run

    • IPA[rʌn]



    • vi.
      跑; 趕緊做某人喜歡的事;跑步
    • vt.
    • n.
      跑; 跑步的時間; 把…打得無招架之力;助跑; 助跑距離
    • 過去式:ran 過去分詞:run 現在分詞:running

    • 名詞複數:runs

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 跑; 趕緊做某人喜歡的事 to run to meet sb. 跑著去見某人 to run to catch the bus/to help sb. 跑著去趕公交車/去幫助某人
    • 2. 跑步
    • 3. 參加賽跑 to run in the 100 metres/in the 3:30 (race) 參加100米/3:30開始的賽跑 to run for one's country 代表祖國參加賽跑
    • 4. 逃跑 I dropped everything and ran 我扔掉所有的東西跑掉了 to run for the exit 朝出口處跑去
    • 5. 趕緊離開 sorry, must run! 對不起,得趕緊走了!
    • 6. 運轉 to leave the engine running 讓引擎運轉 to run off sth. 靠…運轉
    • 7. 進行 to run smoothly 進展順利
    • 8. 發生 to run ahead of/behind schedule 比預定時間提前/推後開始 the train is running late 火車晚點了
    • 9. 快速行進 a pain ran up my leg 我的腿突然疼了起來 the rope ran through my hands 繩子從我的雙手滑過
    • 10. 延伸 the stripes run vertically 這些條紋是縱向的 to run parallel to sth. 與某物平行
    • 11. 持續 the course runs for 6 months 這門課程持續6個月 the school year runs from September to July 學年從9月份直到7月份
    • 12. 有效 to have another month to run 還有一個月的有效期
    • 13. 上演; 被播放; 被放映 this show will run and run! 這臺節目將會連演! to run for about 3 months 上演約3個月
    • 14. 被表達; 被陳述 the telex runs ... 電傳的內容是… so the argument runs 論點就是這樣
    • 15. 流淌 tears ran down his face 淚水順著他的面頰淌下來 there was water running down the walls 水順著牆壁往下流
    • 16. 放水
    • 17. 被注入水 is the bath still running? 還在往浴缸裡放水嗎?
    • 18. 排出體液 my nose is running 我在流鼻涕
    • 19. 流滿 my body was running with sweat 我渾身是汗 the streets will run with blood 街上會血流成河
    • 20. 滲化; 滲色 this fabric is likely to run 這種布料會滲色
    • 21. 融化
    • 22. 變得; 沒墨水 to run dry 乾涸 to run low 變少
    • 23. 參加競選 to run for sth. 競選 to run against sb. 與某人競選
    • 24. 抽絲


    • 1. I ran the rest of the way 我跑完了剩下的路
    • 2. 參加 she ran a brilliant race/a very fast time 她在賽跑中表現出色/跑得非常快
    • 3. 開始 the race will be run at 10:30 賽跑將於10:30開始
    • 4. 給…報名參賽
    • 5. 提名
    • 6. 駕駛 to run the car over to the garage 把車開到修車廠去 to run the car into a tree 開車撞到樹上
    • 7. 用車載送 to run sb. home/to the station/to hospital 開車送某人回家/去車站/去醫院 to run sth. over to sb.'s house 開車將某物送到某人家
    • 8. 使快速移動 to run one's hand over sth. 用手撫過某物 to run one's finger down the list 用手指比著從上到下快速看一遍名單
    • 9. to run a tape/film back/forward 將磁帶/膠片往回倒/往前進
    • 10. 經營 a well-/badly-run organization 管理良好/不善的機構 who is running things around here? 這兒誰負責?
    • 11. 舉辦; 提供; 開設
    • 12. 使…按路線行駛
    • 13. 進行 to run tests on sth. 對某事物進行測試 to run a check on sb. 對某人進行調查
    • 14. 擁有 the car is cheap to run 養這輛車花銷不大
    • 15. 運行 to run sth. off the mains/off batteries 用交流電源/電池使某物運作 to run a machine on gas 用燃氣驅動機器
    • 16. 使…延伸 to run a cable from the house to the garage 從屋子裡拉一根電線到車庫 to run sth. around/between/under 把某物繞在…上/設在…之間/鋪在…下面
    • 17. 走私
    • 18. 使流動 to run water into sth. 將水注入 to run water over sth. 將水澆在某物上
    • 19. 擰開
    • 20. 往…中放水 to run sb./oneself a bath 給某人/自己放洗澡水
    • 21. 刊登
    • 22. 在…上漂流
    • 23.


    • 1. 跑; 跑步的時間; 把…打得無招架之力 a two-mile run 兩英里的跑步 to go for a run 去跑步
    • 2. 助跑; 助跑距離 to take a run at sth. 助跑衝向
    • 3. 跑步 to do sth. at a run 跑著去做某事 to break into a run 突然跑起來
    • 4. 乘車短途旅行 to go for a run (in the car) 乘車兜風 it's only a short run into town 開車進城只需一小會兒
    • 5. 旅程; 航程 he does the Leeds run twice a week 他每週去兩趟利茲
    • 6. 平直勻速飛行
    • 7. 機會 to give sb. a clear run 把機會拱手讓給某人
    • 8. 一段時間 a run of fine weather 一段時間的好天氣 we had a long run without any illness 我們很久沒得病了
    • 9. 連續上演 the play is beginning its Broadway run 這部戲在百老匯開始連續演出 to have a long run 長時間連續演出
    • 10. 一次印數; 額定產量 a paperback run of 10,000 copies 印數1萬冊的平裝本 a production run of only 150 cars 只有150輛車的額定產量
    • 11. 搶購 a run on sth. 對某物的搶購
    • 12. 拋售 a run on sterling/the dollar 英鎊/美元的拋售
    • 13. 擠兌 a run on the bank 到銀行擠兌
    • 14. 趨勢 against the run of play 出人意料 the run of the cards/dice was against her 她打牌/擲骰子的手氣很差
    • 15. 普通類型 the general or ordinary or usual run of things 普通的事物
    • 16. 滑道
    • 17. 飼養場
    • 18. 自由使用; 自由出入 to give sb. the run of 允許某人自由出入 to have the run of 能隨意去
    • 19. 得分 to score or make a run 得1分
    • 20. 急奏
    • 21. 同花順 a run of three 3張同花順
    • 22. 抽絲
    • 23. 競選 a run for 為…的競選


    1. move at a speed faster than a walk, never having both or all the feet on the ground at the same time

    2. (of an athlete or a racehorse) compete in a race

    3. pass or cause to pass quickly in a particular direction

    4. (with reference to a liquid) flow or cause to flow

    5. be covered or streaming with (a liquid)

    6. emit or exude a liquid

    7. extend or cause to extend in a particular direction

    8. (of a bus, train, ferry, or other form of transport) make a regular journey on a particular route

    9. take (someone) somewhere in a car

    10. be in charge of; manage

    11. (of a system, organization, or plan) operate or proceed in a particular way

    12. organize, implement, or carry out

    13. own, maintain, and use (a vehicle)

    14. be in or cause to be in operation; function or cause to function

    15. continue or be valid or operative for a particular period of time

    16. (of a play or exhibition) be staged or presented


    「1. move at a speed faster than a walk, never having both or all the feet on the ground at the same time」的反義字

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