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  1. run

    • IPA[rʌn]


    • v.
      move at a speed faster than a walk, never having both or all the feet on the ground at the same time;run as a sport or for exercise
    • n.
      an act or spell of running;a running pace
    • verb: run, 3rd person present: runs, gerund or present participle: running, past tense: ran, past participle: run

    • noun: run, plural noun: runs

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    • 片語



    • 1. an act or spell of running I usually go for a run in the morning a cross-country run 同義詞 sprint, race, dash, gallop, rush, ... 更多
    • a running pace Rory set off at a run
    • an annual mass migration of fish up or down a river the annual salmon runs
    • 2. a journey accomplished or route taken by a vehicle, aircraft, or boat, especially on a regular basis the London–Liverpool run 同義詞 route, way, course, journey, circuit, ... 更多
    • a short excursion made in a car we could take a run out to the country 同義詞 drive, ride, turn, trip, excursion, ... 更多
    • the distance covered in a specified period, especially by a ship a record run of 398 miles from noon to noon
    • a short flight made by an aircraft on a straight and even course at a constant speed before or while dropping bombs bombing runs by B52s
    • 3. an opportunity or attempt to achieve something their absence means the Russians will have a clear run at the title
    • a preliminary test of a procedure or system if you are styling your hair yourself, have a practice run
    • an attempt to secure election to political office his run for the Republican nomination
    • 4. a continuous spell of a particular situation or condition he's had a run of bad luck 同義詞 period, spell, stretch, spate, bout, ... 更多
    • a continuous series of performances the play had a long run in the West End
    • a quantity or amount of something produced at one time a production run of only 150 cars
    • a continuous stretch or length of something long runs of copper piping
    • a rapid series of musical notes forming a scale.
    • a sequence of cards of the same suit.
    • 5. a widespread and sudden demand for (a commodity) or a widespread trading in (a currency) there's been a big run on nostalgia toys this year
    • a sudden demand for repayment from (a bank) made by a large number of lenders growing nervousness among investors led to a run on some banks 同義詞 demand for, rush for, sudden request for, clamour for
    • 6. the average or usual type of person or thing the new trooper stood out from the general run of eager youth crowding to enlist 同義詞 type, kind, sort, variety, class, ... 更多
    • the general tendency of something quite against the run of play, Smith scored an early try 同義詞 trend, tendency, course, direction, movement, ... 更多
    • 7. a sloping snow-covered course or track used for skiing, bobsleighing, or tobogganing a ski run 同義詞 slope, piste, track, bump run, trail
    • a track made or regularly used by a particular animal a badger run
    • 8. an enclosed area in which domestic animals or birds may run freely in the open an excellent and safe guinea pig run 同義詞 enclosure, pen, coop, compound
    • Australian, New Zealand a large open stretch of land used for pasture or the raising of stock one of the richest cattle runs of the district
    • 9. free and unrestricted use of or access to her cats were given the run of the house 同義詞 unrestricted/free use of, unrestricted access to, a free hand in, a free rein in
    • 10. a unit of scoring achieved by hitting the ball so that both batters are able to run between the wickets, or awarded in some other circumstances.
    • a point scored by the batter returning to home plate after touching the other bases.
    • 11. North American a vertical line of unravelled stitches in stockings or tights; a ladder she had a run in her nylons 同義詞 rip, tear, snag, hole, ladder
    • 12. a downward trickle of paint or a similar substance when applied too thickly varnish should be applied with care to avoid runs and an uneven surface
    • a small stream a shallow run at the edge of a low rock
    • 13. informal diarrhoea.
    • 14. the after part of a ship's bottom where it rises and narrows towards the stern.