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  1. run ... into the ground

    • ph.
      【口】使某人精疲力竭; 耗盡某物
    • 釋義


    • 1. 【口】使某人精疲力竭; 耗盡某物 By working 13 hours a day she is running herself into the ground. 她一天工作13小時, 眼看就要累垮了。 Unable to afford a new car, we had to run the old one into the ground. 我們因為買不起新汽車, 只得把那輛舊的用壞為止。
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    • 中翻英~~~

      ...aqueous polyfoam. (2)First hands to or so stretch, noticing can't run into the ground, heading uping the hands again to raise. (3)The repetition ...

    • 翻譯句子與文法分析 hoping (that) you can hit the ground running and get straight into some of the work (which / that) we need...hit 就是後面子句的第一個動詞 hit the ground running 迅速而順利地投入某事;一炮打響...

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      ...ago, there was a farmer who ran into a poverty-stricken child.... He gave the child a warm reception. Just...nut next to him in the ground. The pine nut grew...