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  1. run away with

    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 偷走
    • 2. 錯誤地相信 I don't want him running away with that idea 我不想讓他有那種錯誤想法 to run away with the idea or notion that ... 誤以為…
    • 3. 輕鬆贏得
    • 4. 耗費
    • 5. 脫離…的控制 to let one's emotions/enthusiasm/imagination run away with one 按捺不住情感/被熱情衝昏了頭/想入非非
    • 6. 和…私奔
  2. 知識+

    • 「捲款潛逃」的英文該怎麼說

      捲款潛逃 ---> Run away with (loads of) cash捲款潛逃 ---> Took the cash and hit off the road (比較口語說法)

    • 逃家/蹺家的英文

      "Run away from home" fits better with the context. Examples of using "escape" and "flee"...

    • 請問with用法?

      ... hands in his pockets (介系詞片語). She ran away with her boyfriend left (過去分詞) behind. It's not appropriate to tell a joke...