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  1. run interference

    • ph.
      move in such a way as to cause interference
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    • 請幫我翻譯!!不知該如何寫英文自傳(急)

      ...there. From little I become state of being middling rest run quickly in field, full of innocent to put to withdraw era even feeling in order then, without interference of the scientific and technological result of civilization, honest, the feelings of small...

    • 請教英文翻譯”自生自滅””天譴”

      自生自滅:to grow and die without outside interference(按字面的說法,梁實秋版)、to stew in one's own juice(諺語說法)、to run its course(譯典通、YAHOO字典版)、to live/do at your own risk...

    • 麻煩大家幫我check這樣翻對嗎?

      ...or(thought) I (was playing) with him. He (ran around) and screamed. But his sister still did her...