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  1. run out

    • vi.
      被耗盡;用乾墨水; 售光
    • 釋義


    • 1. 被耗盡 my money ran out 我的錢花完了 time is running out 剩下的時間不多了
    • 2. 用乾墨水; 售光
    • 3. 用完 sorry, I've run out 對不起,我用完了 the car ran out of petrol 車沒油了
    • 4. 過期; 失效
  2. 知識+

    • OneRepublic - Love Runs Out 翻譯

      ...if you had a doubt, /如果你有疑惑 我就會繼續幫你 'til the love runs out, 'til the love runs out. /直到愛燒盡 愛到竭盡 I'll be...

    • run out被動與主動

      1. If you run out of something, you have no more of it. If something runs out, it ... are getting worse and supplies are running out. run out的主詞是物時,它的形式上雖是主動,但語意其實是被動的:...

    • 請問run out,run out of跟out of的差別

      1. run out = 某個東西用完ㄌ 2. run out of 也是 耗盡 我們說 run out 會跟著說 of, 不只說 run out 3. out of = 出自於 或 用完ㄌ ( out of...