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  1. run out of


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    • 英文片語run out/short of

      簡潔解釋out of: 快要沒有ㄉ意思 英文解釋: In or into a condition of no longer...之後就沒有了(不是指永遠都沒有) 例句: 1. We were tricked out of our savings. 2. We're out of coffee. 簡潔解釋...

    • 關於run out of翻譯與句中文法

      ...person out of town是把某個人趕出城去 run是當及物動詞用,其過去分詞也是run run out of Berlin with funds from the EU是一個分詞構句,其中的run...

    • 請問run out,run out ofout of的差別

      1. run out = 某個東西用完ㄌ 2. run out of 也是 耗盡 我們說 run out 會跟著說 of, 不只 is out of gas 2) my car is running out of gas 或 my car is almost out of gas...