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  1. run out of gas

    • ph.
      run out of energy; lose momentum
  2. 知識+

    • 英文句子的分辨

      〉〉We are running out of gas 和 We ran out of gas 有何不同 running out = 還沒用完 ran...

    • ran out of 及ashamed of兩各片語的應用~

      1.We (ran out of) gas right in the middle of the highway. 翻譯:我們就在高速公路當中沒油了。 >> the middle of =>在...當中 2.The student was deeply (ashamed of) his dishonesty. 翻譯:這位學生對於他的不誠實感到非常的羞愧。 >>...

    • OUT OF片語集

      ...1.out of gas 沒油 Ex: I ran out of gas on my way home. 在回家的途中 我的 停業 Ex: Is your factory out of business? 你的工廠暫停營業了嗎 9.out of one...