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  1. run out on

    • ph.
      abandon someone
  2. 知識+

    • run out被動與主動

      1. If you run out of something, you have no more of it. If something runs out, it ... are getting worse and supplies are running out. run out的主詞是物時,它的形式上雖是主動,但語意其實是被動的:...

    • 翻譯專業用語用於工業機械上

      機械專業英翻中Single component can not be balanced individually. Therefore no warranty on concentric run-out. Manufacturing according to class.單一元件無法單獨平衡,因此無法保證同心運轉,根據不同等級特別訂製。

    • 請問一下這些英文片語的中文意思

      put on 穿上(衣服) give up 放棄 run out of 用完(某物) pass away 停止;去世 used to [+Ving 以前習慣於做...