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  1. run out the clock

    • ph.
      (especially in sports) deliberately use as much time as possible in order to preserve one's advantage
  2. 知識+

    • 幫忙英文句子翻譯(完整)

      ... Bryant, who turned it over, and the Wizards ran out the clock for the victory. 由於 Wizards以包夾Kobe Brant, 造成...

    • order running heading 的意思高手請進

      末日之鐘(doomsday clock)指的是一旦到了午夜12點,就是核戰爆發之時,也就是人類... us to be careful in order to keep time from running out,"提醒我們要小心,時間快到了",這裡的時間指的...

    • 校正文章文法錯誤,已先自行翻過一次

      ...don’t will not notice the clock all the time, but once they feel the time is running out, they will turn raise their heads to watch the clock on the wall, in order to know to check out what time it is, just like the clock...