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  1. run riot

    • ph.
      滋事, 撒野;(植物等)蔓延
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    • 1. 滋事, 撒野 The monkey got out of his cage and ran riot in the pet shop. 猴子跑出了籠子在寵物店裡鬧事。
    • 2. (植物等)蔓延 In this wet weather, weed runs riot in the vegetable beds. 在這種潮濕的天氣, 雜草在菜地裡蔓延生長。 Inflation is running riot and prices are out of control. 通貨極度膨脹, 物價失去控制。
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      ...印出、使流出〉 out〈被耗盡、到期、跑開〉 over〈輾過〉 riot〈約束不住〉 scared〈小心謹慎、恐慌、逃竄〉 short〈變...

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      ...the 4June 1989 events accordingly by TW.. (6)We have run riot in public place as protest parade from Victoria Park forward but under...

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      ... of the people in the bar, and how to protend the people rioting in the bar. And because of the above reasons, We need exports and security guards to help us run a bar ."