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  1. run scared


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    • 1. 【俚】小心謹慎,戰戰兢兢 The rumored new tax has the stock market investors running scared. 謠傳將有新稅,股市投資者人心惶惶。
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    • <2>run的片語

      ...out〈被耗盡、到期、跑開〉 over〈輾過〉 riot〈約束不住〉 scared〈小心謹慎、恐慌、逃竄〉 short〈變缺少的〉 through〈耗盡、瀏覽...

    • 英文3分鐘短片翻譯 急! (20點)

      ...1:40 We briefed them for 10 hours. They ran scared. 1:44 Steven Greer: And here we sit [in] 2012, with the...

    • 請大大幫我Sentence Combining

      ...met a cat. The mother rat barked like a dog at the cat who got scared and ran away. The mother rat spoked to her son, saying "...