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  1. run someone out

    • ph.
      dismiss a batsman by dislodging the bails with the ball while the batsman is still running between the wickets
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    • run out被動與主動

      ... getting worse and supplies are running out. run out的主詞是物時,它的形式上雖是主動,但語意其實是被動的:becomes used up。 2. When someone or something reaches a place, they arrive there. 所以reach的主詞是可以人或物...

    • 請問英文片語是什麼意思?及相似字

      ...on: 端視; 信賴; 依靠 die down: 凋謝; 枯萎 die out: 漸漸消逝 draw the line at: 限定範圍 ; 規定不...up: 夢想 drop off: 下降; 減少; 掉了~東西 dry run: 排練; 模擬演習 drop (someone) a line : 寫信給某人 希望你授用喲!

    • 英文片語造句

      ...巧遇)  Yesterday I run into my ex-boyfriend going...with his friends. 4.stand out(突出) Our daughter is...morning. 我現在常在早上打棒球 7.pick someone up(接某人)  pick + 代名詞 + up  pick...