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  1. run the show

    • ph.
      dominate or be in charge of an undertaking or area of activity
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    • ph.
      dominate or be in charge of a project, undertaking, or domain

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • take office 英文片語的意思

      ...什麼意思?答:保持中立,不偏哪一方。on the market 是什麼意思?答:市面上。run the show 是什麼意思? 答:主導。run a tight ship 是什麼意思? 答:通常指的是主管...

    • 美國最常用語

      ...也不 pull off--成功;完成 out of the doghouse--惹上麻煩 way--非常 pussycat--軟腳蝦 run the show--掌權 doberman--硬漢 ballpark--大概數字 knock--挑剔 here's the deal--這是我對這件...

    • 幫我解答 一下英文文法 study on her own. 版主的原句為 Those students who show motivation and enthusiasm towards their jobs succeed in the long run. 這提想強調的是最後成功的對象(students who show motivation and enthusiasm...