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  1. run to fat

    • ph.
      (指人)發胖, 變胖
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    • 問題 = 太XXX...以至於不能 XXX 舉例: 1. He is too fat to run. 他太胖以至於無法跑 2. She was too full to eat another cake. 她...

    • change the answer into questio

      ... it fat? 5.Blacky cant catch the rat because it is too fat to run. Why does Blacky can't catch the rat? 如果要把第四...

    • 請問我這樣打文法對嗎

      ...transition, 你參考看看. Recently, I'm getting fatter and fatter. I have made up my mind to lose weight by running (or maybe you mean jogging). That's why I bought a...