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    run true to form

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    • 請英文強的 幫我 我不懂題目

      ... even noticed_us.He(run)_runs_ from table to table taking orders and serving food. Michele:That's true,and he (look,not)_did not look_in our...

    • The typr of irony

      ...what appears to be true. It is ironic for a firehouse to burn down, or for a police station...doesn't need a computer, he runs the world's largest... is a strong form of verbal irony that is...

    • 幫忙翻譯一下這些英文,謝謝囉!

      蛋白質對修復受損肌肉細胞有幫助,且內含的氨基酸同時也有助於身體在運動後恢復。 我同時也聽說馬拉松選手因為流汗量多,所以他們在賽中及賽後都服用鹽錠,這是真的嗎? 是的,大多數都是如此。在激烈運動中,鈉及其他礦物質如鉀和鎂透過流汗的作用流失。 補充這些礦物質...