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  1. running total

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    • 幾句英到中 請幫忙看看

      ...the total number of downed pins in each frame and add to the running total. Record the running total in the bottom portion of each frame score box...

    • 英文片語run out/short of

      ...通常都是用在不能數的事情上 例:Cash、地名) 例句: 1. Our total came to just short of $1,000. 2. I'm short of cash at the...

    • 分析英文文章詞性

      ..., there has been a rise in foreign workers to a total of over 420,000 people, of that number, the Council of Agriculture found that up to 31,000 had run away from their employers in August. 紅字部分是這個句子...