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  1. rush

    • IPA[rəSH]


    • v.
      move with urgent haste;(of air or a liquid) flow strongly
    • n.
      a sudden quick movement toward something, typically by a number of people;a sudden flow or flood
    • noun: rush, plural noun: rushes

    • verb: rush, 3rd person present: rushes, gerund or present participle: rushing, past tense: rushed, past participle: rushed

    • 釋義
    • v.
    • 1. move with urgent haste:

      Jason rushed after her

      I rushed outside and hailed a taxi

    • 2. (of air or a liquid) flow strongly:

      the water rushed in through the great oaken gates

    • 3. act with great haste:

      as soon as the campaign started they rushed into action

      shoppers rushed to buy computers

    • 4. force (someone) to act hastily:

      I don't want to rush you into something

    • 5. take (someone) somewhere with great haste:

      an ambulance was waiting to rush him to the hospital

    • 6. deliver (something) quickly to (someone):

      we'll rush you a copy at once

    • 7. produce and distribute something, or put something up for sale, very quickly:

      a rewritten textbook was rushed out last autumn

    • 8. deal with (something) hurriedly:

      panic measures were rushed through Congress

    • 9. dash toward (someone or something) in an attempt to attack or capture:

      he rushed the stronghold

    • 10. advance rapidly toward (an offensive player, especially the quarterback):

      a linebacker who was gifted in rushing the quarterback

    • 11. gain a specified amount of yardage or score a touchdown or conversion by running from scrimmage with the ball:

      he rushed for 100 yards on 22 carries

    • 12. entertain (a new student) in order to assess their suitability for membership in a college fraternity or sorority.
    • 13. (of a student) visit (a college fraternity or sorority) with a view toward joining it:

      he rushed three fraternities

    • n.
    • 1. a sudden quick movement toward something, typically by a number of people:

      there was a rush for the door

    • 2. a sudden flow or flood:

      she felt a rush of cold air

    • 3. a flurry of hasty activity:

      the pre-Christmas rush

      a rush job

    • 4. a sudden strong demand for a commodity:

      there's been a rush on

    • 5. a sudden intense feeling:

      Mark felt a rush of anger

    • 6. a sudden thrill or feeling of euphoria such as experienced after taking certain drugs:

      users experience a rush

    • 7. a rapid advance by a defensive player or players, especially toward the quarterback.
    • 8. an act of running from scrimmage with the ball to gain yardage.
    • 9. the first prints made of a movie after a period of shooting:

      after the shoot the agency team will see the rushes

    • 10. the process whereby college fraternities or sororities entertain new students in order to assess suitability for membership:

      ranking pledges during rush

      rush week

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