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    • out of 用法與文法

      ...nominal group. (例)She turned and rushed out of the room. (例)She must be out of her...參考。 有興趣的話,還可以參看: The Good Grammar Book, Oxford...

    • 句子在什麼時候要加ing?

      ... he heard the bad news, he rushed out of the house. (主詞是同一人,可去掉其中一個主詞和連接詞...即動名詞) Taking regular exercise is good for our health. (做規律的運動有益健康) (當...

    • 中翻英-道歉事宜-特急20點

      ... the information very late last night that the goods couldn’t be completed in time as what.... As you know, people are rushing out the shipments before the CNY holiday...