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    • (英文)急~中文翻譯英文

      ... until today the stage, the mother daily is we bustles about, rushes about, as if forever will not have rest the time, unceasing paying, actually will not...

    • 中翻英~急!!!

      ...suddenly red eye socket,the father are how hard for the sake of the families, Rush about for the sake of several hundred dollars,we should cherish the blessing,also...

    • 在遙遠的距離,依然為愛奔波 中翻英~

      ...用yet會比still好 *on the move有一直移動/遷徙的意思,也可以改成: 1.yet (we) keep rush about on love. 2.yet (we) keep busy running for love. 供你參考嚕.....