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  1. rye bread


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    • 有關mailard 反應專討的翻譯

      ...reaction products contributing to the overall antioxidant activity of rye bread You can break down the sentence like this to help you to better understand...

    • 請問有誰知道role of acidity(15點)

      Explain the role of acidity in rye bread and how acidity is developed 請解釋黑麥麵包中酸味所扮演之角色,以及酸度是如何發展出來的﹗

    • 英文閱讀理解考題

      1.(A) Sit down after taking a number. 2.(C) It starts at seven o'clock. 3.(C) NT$200. 4.(D) Rye bread. 5.(C) Bacon and ham.