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  1. saddle sb. with sth.

    • ph.
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    • 1. 讓某人承擔使人厭惡的責任、任務等 I've been saddled with the job of organizing the conference. 組織會議這件倒楣事交給我了。 The boss saddled her with all the most difficult customers. 老板把那些最難應付的顧客全推給她了。
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    • in the saddle~用法~!

      ...以來,就由他主控大局(可能是家務事,經濟等等) 線上字典定義和句子 be in the saddleto be in control of a situation With a new leader firmly in the saddle the party looks set for victory at the next election...

    • 拖累 的英文

      involve others into trouble→拖累他人〈片語〉 saddle with→拖累〈片語〉 be a burden on→拖累〈片語〉 encumber implicate →拖累〈動詞〉 involve

    • (20點)求~關於卡奴,高鐵,時事方面的英文文章

      ... that those of the weakest financial standing are saddled with the highest financial burden. The "card slave" problem boosted...