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  1. safety-belt

    • KK[ˋseftɪ͵bɛlt]
    • DJ[ˋseifti͵belt]


    • = safety belt
  2. 知識+

    • safe,safety

      其實兩者在『詞性』上有所差異喔!! Safe為形容詞。而Safety是名詞,是由safe所轉變而來的。 Ex:safety belt安全帶,safety pin安全別針。

    • 交通安全的翻譯

      I thought may increase has not been the safety belt fine can enable more people like this to observe this traffic law this is very important...

    • 急!!!有誰可以幫我翻譯中文劇本(飛機上的劇本)...

      ...machine destination is London. For yours safety, please tie the safety belt, wish your have a pleasant trip! Spatial clothing personnel...