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    safety man
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    • Security Safety 的差異 工程用英文

      ... TRIZ contradiction matrix,there is a difference between security and safety. Security:-To hold tightly;to make safe extra men are needed to secure the camp against attack to secure the release of the...

    • 這段原文要如何翻譯成中文阿~~救救我吧(我對原文書很頭痛阿) principles, protective systems, operational, operator and environmental safety. 安全指導原則,防護系統,操作有關的,操作者和環境安全 Man-machine relationship, type of operation, clearness of layout, lighting,aesthetics...

    • 請問英文文法。。。

      ...被動”的語態(如是不及物過去式分詞則在表示”狀態”,如a retired man,無被動之意義) 本題分詞為及物動詞,故本句在表示被動語態。原句應為Safety patrol which had(or has) been carried out , all in normal...