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  1. sail into

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    • 釋義


    • 1. 【口】(女人等)步態優美地走進
    • 2. 勁頭十足地開始 They sailed into the large stack of mail and disposed of it before noon. 他們勁頭十足地開始處理那一大堆信件, 在正午之前就全部處理完畢了。
    • 3. 痛罵, 猛擊 He sailed into the witness, accusing him of lying. 他指責證人撒謊。 He grabbed a stick and sailed into the dog. 他抓起一根棍子狠揍那條狗。
    • 4. 津津有味地大嚼 sail into the sandwiches 津津有味地大嚼三明治