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  1. salesman



    • 推銷員;男售貨員
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    • salesman的中文??

      salesman n. (名詞 noun)[C] 1. (男)推銷員,外務員 Four salesmen were showing people suits and sweaters. 四個推銷員在給人們展示套裝和毛衣。 2. 男店員,男售貨員

    • ”Trifles”&”Death of a salesman

      Why is Susan Glaspell's play entitled Trifles? 個人認為...因為在整個劇情當中 男人辦案的過程 雖然County Attorney他有留意一些細節 例如不要破壞現場 但感覺他們始終只是一直著重在尋找Mrs...

    • 請問有誰可以給我英文對話有關看醫生或買車的英文對話??急需

      ... brings a daughter to buy a car Salesman: Hi there, you know what you're looking...convertable protect me from missile attacks? Salesman: No it can not. Daughter: Dad...