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    • 灰色的,蒼白的,氣色不好的(使)成菜色柳屬植物,柳枝
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    • Down by the Sally Gardens 為什麼翻譯成 楊柳花園 ?

      正確的拼字是 Salley. 意思同另一較常見字 sallow,是指一種柳樹 (willow)。 Salley 的發音接近 愛爾蘭語 saileach,可能是...

    • 英文句子+單字翻譯 something to drink? Bring v. 帶來,拿來 【25】John wouldn’t sallow the pill that his mom gave him. Sallow v. 吞 【26...

    • 炒飯的食譜翻譯成英文

      ...block to explode the garlic to soften (attention garlic again until the onion not to be able sallow) 3. to add the just egg 4.foods to put into the pot fry add the right amount...