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    • 1. 積蓄 He was said to have salted away $4 million. 據說他已積蓄了四百萬美元。
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    • 鹽巴的相關英文成語&諺語&俚語......等等

      ...s salt 在某人家作客; 做某人的食客 worth one's salt 稱職的 salt down 或 salt away 用鹽醃製; 積蓄

    • 英文幫幫忙((餐飲英文的問題

      ...lamb cutlets of most of the fat,scraping it away completely from the tips of the bones. 把羊肉...徹底刮除 2.Mix together the garlic,thyme,oil and a little salt and pepper and spread over the lamb. 將蒜頭, 百香里, 油和些許...

    • 幫以下內容翻譯成英文~20點

      ...moment. 3. So after Korea soften dehydrated leaves, wash away the salt with water and wring dry. 4. Add garlic, peppers, sweet and sour sauce...