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  1. same

    • IPA[seɪm]



    • adj.
      同一的; 相同的; (與某人/某物)有相同經歷;無變化的
    • adv.
    • pron.
      同樣的人; 同樣的事;該人; 上述事物
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 同一的; 相同的; (與某人/某物)有相同經歷 we both went to the same school 我們倆曾在同一所學校念書 later that same day/year 當天/當年稍晚一些時候
    • 2. 無變化的 it’s still the same town 鎮上還是老樣子 she’s not the same woman 她已經不是原來那個女人了


    • 1. 同樣地 life goes on just the same 生活一如既往 to feel the same as sb. 和某人有同感


    • 1. 同樣的人; 同樣的事 I'll have the same 同樣的給我來一份 don't do the same as I did and get married too young 別走我的老路,年紀輕輕就成家了
    • 2. 該人; 上述事物 a dwelling together with all the movable property contained within the same 一套住宅以及其中的所有動產 was that George on the phone? — the same! 打電話的是喬治嗎?──正是他!
    • 3. 上述情況 to installing same 安裝事宜同前 re your order for four wooden doors plus furniture for same 事涉你方訂購的4扇木門及其配件


    1. identical; not different

    2. not having changed; unchanged

    3. referring to a person or thing just mentioned

    4. of an identical type; exactly similar


    「1. identical; not different」的反義字

    「2. not having changed; unchanged」的反義字

    「3. referring to a person or thing just mentioned」的反義字

    「4. of an identical type; exactly similar」的反義字