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  1. sand crack


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    • light tight oil

      ... in the rock by injecting water (along with sand and some chemicals to facilitate the process) at high... through the formation, oil can seep back through the cracks and be extracted. Therefore, "light...

    • 拜託英文翻譯(精密鑄造) shut off except that. Then remains with the sand attaches 耐火物 spurts removes...the tensile testing machine, the sclerometer, the fluorescence crack detection inspection installment, the metallurgical microscope, dimensional...

    • <超急!!>一篇有關”澎湖”的英文 文章翻譯

      ... Island, Baisha (White Sand) Island is also uninhabited and has...the yellow flowers that bloom between the basalt rock cracks and the beautiful songs of little singing...