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  1. sanitary protection

    • n.
      sanitary towels and tampons, considered collectively.
    • noun: sanitary protection

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    • 我要將一段中文書信翻譯成英文~

      ...would recommend you bring some long-sleeve clothing or an umbrella for UV protection. I will prepare your bed sheet and pillow, but please bring your own pillow case for sanitary reasons. Please let me know in advance if you have difficulty...

    • 翻成中文不要用線上翻譯

      顯示: 大眾的利益。經驗主義的顯示與大眾的利益關係了包含神色在一些社會狀態、社會資本, 和人和物質資本財力可利用對人口在風險在一個指定的區域, 並且可能存在的重大物理環境曝光。保證衛生防護是美國公共衛生服務年2000 宗旨的當中一個為國家, 由一系列的與環境相關的健康顯示...