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  1. sanitation department

    • n.
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    • 投訴文中譯英

      ...派員調查。 On July 24th, I filed a petition against the sanitation condition of X restaurant and requested for an immediate investigation from your department. 然而近日造訪該餐廳其衛生問題依舊沒有改善,牆壁油膩烏黑,天花板佈滿蜘蛛絲...

    • 我想請問垃圾不落地政策的英文該怎麼寫??

      ...household waste at these points, where it was hauled away by the Department of Environmental Protection's sanitation crews. This system made Kaohsiung City...

    • 這幾句中文對話請幫我翻譯謝謝,翻譯機錯誤的文法不要

      ...downtown, such as rice with shredded chicken. But remember focus on the sanitation. There are also many kinds of department stores you can go for some shopping. A:OK,那我大致...