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  1. satellite photograph

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    • 兩題有關satellite的閱讀測驗需要詳細解答 謝謝~

      1. In satellite images, what revealed the location of ancient roads...現在並看不到。所以答案是 d. Thus, in satellite images studied today, these routes now appear as...

    • 請高手幫我改一下這篇作文

      ... (Television Broadcasting Satellite) it indicated that more than ten million people in...cost me NT$3000, which made ... the photography of each item =the photograph (photo/picture) of every item...

    • 一些英文題目的問題

      ... 答案是B 為什麼??? 解釋成雖然,用 though 較妥 (5) The photographs of Mars______ from the satellites are much clearer than those taken from the earth. (A...