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  1. satisfactions

    • satisfaction的名詞複數
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    • job satisfaction 在這句要翻為何?

      Job Satisfaction: 工作帶來的滿足; 職業成就感 I think there's more variety, more job satisfaction working for a small enterprise. 在小公司上班, 比較多變化, 能得到更多的成就感

    • 英文文法問題(感恩)

      ...39;t force me to do things to your satisfaction. 不要逼我去做事做到令你滿意 (為止) (2) ... work was not done to my satisfaction. [= I was not satisfied with the work...

    • 有關運動心理學的專有名詞

      Consumer Satisfaction with a Periodic Reoccurring Sport...cognitive and affective elements that drives satisfaction judgement and the moderator effect of sport motivations...