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    save appearance

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    • 男生&女生 中翻英~~口語化一點~不要用翻譯網站

      ...while girls think that love should come first before sex. Moreover, save appearances, we can distinguish the ideas boys and girls have by means...

    • 請幫忙翻譯洋基官網6/4號對王建民的報導

      ...-Ming Wang picked up his first career save, pitching two-thirds of an inning in his first relief appearance of the year. 王建民獲得其生涯的首次救援成功,他總共投了三分之二局,這是...

    • 土壤相關議題

      ...壓實你房舍周圍的土壤嗎?請說明你的回答理由. 註: 1.In what order of appearance?因其省略了動詞,故乃按合理研判其在appearance省略了 “that you would expect...