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  1. saving grace


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    • 1. 可取之處;可以保住顏面的東西 This book is very badly written, and its only saving grace is its interesting color photographs. 這本書寫得很糟糕,唯一可取之處就是書上那些有趣的彩色照片。 In this game, we were severely routed by our opponent. The only saving grace was that we made a buzzer-beater shot. 在這場比賽中,我們被對手狠狠修理了一番。唯一可保住顏面的是我們投進了一個壓哨好球。
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    • 給你臉你不要臉這句英文該如何說?

      ...嗯﹐這樣說會比較有禮貌:You have just ruined your chance of saving the grace for yourself.直譯: 你剛才已蹧蹋了給你自己點顏面的機會 2006-02-05 18...

    • 好心網友幫忙中文翻譯?

      ... who know~ 北極的猴只有一個人知道? In a foreign place, the saving grace was the feeling, 在外國的地方,感覺有種節儉的美德, That...

    • 英文grace是什麼意思?

      ...的家人吃晚飯前輪流說謝飯禱文。 5. (神的)恩典,慈悲[U] By the grace of God, we have been saved from death. 謝謝上帝的慈悲,我們得救了。 6. 風度,魅力;美德[P1] He...