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  1. savor of

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    • 1. 具有...的意味 His speech savors of wisdom. 他的言語具有智慧。 He had an aversion to anything that savored of the supernatural. 他討厭任何帶有超自然意味的東西。



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    • 急急急!!!會英文的麻煩來幫我翻譯一下~

      ...即可 在那邊可以吃到許多美味的食物 翻法一→We/You can enjoy/savor lots of tasty/delicious food there, tasty/delicious food可用cuisines直接代替,形容詞當然...

    • 英文翻譯串連成作文!!

      ... the movie, so do I . 2.Everyone like the savors of movie is all different. Some people like to watch the literary movie, and some...

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      ...artist. 2.他的歌聲辨識度很高,給人ㄧ種滄桑的感覺。 His unique voice savors of blue tone 3.每晚他的歌聲總伴著我入眠。 Ever night his voice...