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  1. savour

    • IPA[ˈseɪvə]


    • v.
      taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it to the full;enjoy or appreciate (something pleasant) to the full, especially by lingering over it
    • n.
      a characteristic taste, flavour, or smell, especially a pleasant one;a suggestion or trace, typically of something bad.
    • verb: savour, 3rd person present: savours, gerund or present participle: savouring, past tense: savoured, past participle: savoured

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    • Savourer的唸法?

      savourer = 品嘗 savour = 是英文~ 意思是味道 saveur = 是法文~ 意思是味道 唸法是~ 括符裡是發音~ 抱歉...rer (ㄏㄟˋ --> 痰音) saveur = sa (ㄙㄚ) veur (英文的v + ㄜ)(ㄏ --> 痰音) savour = sa (ㄙㄟ = 相當於英文的say) vour (英文的v + ㄜ --> 捲舌)

    • \”異國風情\”要怎麼翻譯??

      exotic savor這句話如果硬要說,我會說是異國品味 然後如果我是帖主 異國風情我會說用exotic atmosphere 來形容!

    • 9個單字的英英解釋

      ... the growth of harmful bacteria 5.restrict:to limit something 6.savor:to enjoy food or a pleasant experience as much and as slowly as possible 7.intrinsic:...