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  1. you can say that again!

    • ph.
      used to express emphatic agreement
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    • ph.
      used in spoken English to express emphatic agreement

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • You can say that again.

      You can say that again.最適當的翻譯為何呢? 謝謝~ you can say that again = i agree with you!!

    • 英文~對話中you can say that again?

      You can say that again! Is an emphatic way of agreeing with something someone has just said.... 信不信由你,肯昨天贏了樂透,真是個走運的人。 B:You can say that again. Some people are born lucky. 我完全同意。有些人天生就是運氣好...

    • say,do that again是什麼意思?

      ...的後面都是用驚嘆號 但如果想把它接為一個句子的話, 分號會比逗號合適: Say; do that again. 2010-12-17 05:12:46 補充: 值得一提的是, "say"在這裡的發音是四聲...