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    • 背新聞對話的技巧

      ... skill (7)When someone recites a poem or piece of talk,you say it aloud after you've learnt it (8)If you recite something such as a list,you...

    • 請問think aloud 是什麼意思?

      ...例句: 1.有時候聽見別人喃喃自語,問曰: ”What are you saying?” 你在說什麼? ”Oh. Nothing really. I was just thinking aloud.”哦,沒什麼.我只是在想事情. 2.Do you mind if I...

    • 拜託英文高手~~~!! 非常的急急急~~! (中翻英)

      ... could have done/achieve more while wasting all these time here. 3) Say aloud the words from your heart, it will make you feel better. 4...