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    • 1. 向某人打招呼 Mary says hello to her friends every day. 瑪麗每天跟他的朋友打招呼。
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    • 歌詞~請幫忙翻成中文

      I just wanna say hello to you我只想跟你打招呼 But you’re not lookin& fades away是的 它消失了** You just wanna say hello to me你只是想跟我打招呼而已 Now the table’s...

    • 幫忙造一下英文句子

      1. I hate him. 我恨他 2. Please say hello to your mother for me. 幫我跟你的媽媽問好...s heart! 不要讓你的女友心碎 10. I didn't mean to bother you. 我不是故意打擾你的 11. It's ...

    • 託人傳話的英文 (勿翻譯機)

      1. Say hello to your family for me. 2. Say thank you to Tom for me. 3. Telling to Tom that I have somthing to do tomorrow and I can't go.