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  1. say one's vows

    • ph.
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    • 求助世界新聞英文翻譯~

      ...將改善國內社會分歧問題 Fresh from her election as Chile's first woman president, socialist Michelle Bachelet vowed to root out the country's entrenched social inequality, and said on ...

    • 80's songs

      ...touch When we walk down the aisle together We will vow to be together til we die So much love have we two Just cant wait to say I do So in love Are you and i So...

    • 請問有誰可以幫忙翻譯BBC NEWS的新聞內容?

      ... as a breakaway province which it has vowed to retake, by force if necessary. 中國認為台灣是一分離的省份並誓言必要時將以武力奪回台灣It says the ROC's lack of diplomatic recognition...