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    • 來吧,幫忙解一些英文猜謎?? 20點喔~!

      ...never be mentioned however) 3.The kid said he could stay under the water for 10 minutes, but did not say to hold his breath then. That’s why he won! 4....

    • 翻譯歌曲!

      Under A Killing Moon 在致人於死的月亮之下 the air my lungs first...胸口初次戀上的空氣 carves craters from my eyes 從我眼中刻劃出的痕跡 they said "breathe deeply son or be the next to die" 他們說 : "深呼吸吧孩子, 或是成為下一個亡者" Beneath...

    • 訂正英翻中(reservations managers)

      ...意思Sarah Shepherd was visiting her hotel chain's Midwest central reservations office in Des Moines...