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  1. scale insect


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    • 生物專業用詞的英文

      ... off at the end; they join the canal at the junction between the midgut and hindgut. Scale insects have just two, while large types of locusts may have up to 200; ...

    • 幫忙翻譯@@~~~HELP

      ... mosquito is a pair of wings eyes insect, belonging to the mosquito section, the body is... a form.The minister has the scale after the wings good luck,the wings vein and wing...

    • 幫我翻譯~我要完整的2~謝了

      在文化裡的蛙面臨很多問題︰ (1)透過哺乳動物,鳥,爬蟲和小的水產的昆蟲的捕食; (2)同類殘食; (3)疾病; (4)不適當的食品供應; (5)貧窮的水質; (6)零星的蛋生產; (7)波動溫度; (8)貧窮的衛生; 以及(9)不適當的營養。 在半自然體系裡 一些上述問題被放大,因為蛙不能容易被觀察發現...