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  1. scaly

    • IPA[ˈskeɪli]



    • adj.
      有鱗的; 鱗片覆蓋的;一片片剝落的; 有鱗屑的
    • 比較級:scalier 最高級:scaliest

    • 同反義


    1. covered in scales

    2. (of skin) dry and flaking

  2. 知識+

    • 專家麻煩一下^^Guyanan?

      ...名稱, 蓋亞那, 位於南美洲, 委內瑞拉的旁邊 你要的穿山甲 英文名稱叫做: 1. Scaly Anteater 直接翻譯:(鱗狀的食蟻獸) 或 2. Pangolin 鯪鯉...

    • 蜥蜴的英文~

      lizard lizard 圖片參考: n.Any of various long, slender, usu. scaly, reptiles, having four legs, each with five claw-bearing toes.【動】蜥蜴;石龍子。

    • 尋找天狗ˋ雪女ˋ河童的英ˋ日發音

      ...and even inciting wars. ****************** 河童: Kappa: A scaly river monster with a beak-like snout and a water-filled dish on its head...